Farm Law

1031 Exchange Transfers – If you’re thinking about doing one, plan ahead!

If you sell land at today’s high land prices, you might face some large capital gains taxes.  If you know that you want to purchase more land though, the US government has provided a way to help you defer those taxes. The IRS outlines its 1031 Deferred Like-Kind Exchange in...

Raw Milk and Uninspected Meat – Food Freedom or Safety Issue?

Minnesota man charged with selling unlicensed farm products, including unpasteurized milk and uninspected meat. What does this mean for Minnesota agriculture?

Recreational Land Use – A Liability Risk for Farmers and Landowners?

Giving people permission to enter your land always involves some element of risk. Know what duty of care is owed to people entering your land to protect yourself from increased liability.

Farm Transition and Estate Planning Education Opportunity in Austin, Minnesota

I will be at an upcoming farm transition and estate planning workshop in Austin.  It will be a good opportunity for farmers to sit down together and learn more about this important topic.  I’m happy to share information about local educational opportunities for farmers. ...

Certificate of Label Approval Available Online from TTB for Wineries and Winemakers

As part of my work in farm law, I have been closely involved in a new and developing area of agricultural law in Minnesota: vineyard and winery laws and regulations. While at the 7th Annual Minnesota Grapegrowers Association Cold Climate Conference, I attended a seminar hosted by...

I am a Lawyer, I am a Mother, I am a Christian, I am hopeful.

I think it’s important that my clients know what to expect when they hire me, and part of that is knowing about my values.  I am a lawyer, and that means I will advocate for my client’s position.  You might think of me as a counseled adviser who speaks on you...

Verasun Demand Letters – History of the Bankruptcy – Why Farmers are Getting Letters Now

DTN/The Progressive Farmer posted a good article outlining the background of the Verasun Bankruptcy case.  Farmers are just now receiving demand letters, even though the ethanol plants were sold off a long time ago.  The physical assets were sold off to pay creditors, and now the...

Verasun Bankruptcy and Farmers – Demands for Repayment of a Bankruptcy Preference

Farmers received letters from Verasun attorneys demanding return of payments made in the 90 days before Verasun's bankruptcy. There are defenses to the demand that a lawyer can help you evaluate. Minnesota farmers can contact this law office for further help.