DOL Withdraws Child Labor Rules Under Pressure from Farmers & President Obama

April 27, 2012

Back in January, I wrote about a proposed rule from the Department of Labor that might have prevented farm kids from working on the farm or operating certain farm equipment deemed too dangerous for children.  Apparently, the DOL and the Obama administration have been taking heat on this subject long enough.  A quick glance through any farm newspaper, magazine, or message board gives the impression that farmers and those who grew up on farms are overwhelmingly opposed to this regulation.

The Obama administration got the message loud and clear.  It was announced today that the DOL would withdraw the proposed regulation and instead work with student groups to promote youth safety.  The President also promised not to pursue this regulation during his entire term of presidency.  Good news for farmers, farm families, and the rural way of life.  Everyone wants to keep farm kids safe; their parents do most of all.  I am pleased that the decision will be left in the hands of farm parents.

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